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Schedule Phil 201 

Spring 2024



Tentative Schedule


Readings marked “PR” are in Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings, 4th Ed. (our textbook).


All other readings are in the google folder under the file for that week. So, for example, week 2 readings that are not in PR are in the Week 2 folder.




Date Topics, Readings, and Assignments


Introduction; Background: Independent Research; The Nature of Religion



Week 1


Thurs. Jan. 18 Introduction, syllabus, etc.







Week 2



Tues Jan. 23 No class AND read FOR TUESDAY QUIZ (below)Philosophy of Religion (our textbook; hereafter PR): “Introduction” (p. 1-4) and Introduction to part I (p. 5-9)



Thurs. Jan 25 No class, but you can meet in the classroom and do the assignment for Tues Jan 30.







Week 3


Tues. Jan. 30 PR: Dennett, “An Evolutionary Account of Religion” (p. 10-18)


Graded In-Class Activity #1



Religious Experience: Mysticism and Perceiving God


Thurs. Feb. 1 James, “Religious Experience as Feelings Forming the Root of Religion” (p. 43-50)


*I expect students to read the introduction to each part as we cover it (for example, p. 35-39 for Part Two).






Week 4


Tues. Feb. 6 PR: Saint Teresa of Jesus, “Religious Experiences” (p. 40-42) and  Al-Ghazali, “Deliverance from Error”


Thurs. Feb. 8 PR: Alston, “Religious Experience as Perception of God” (p. 51-58)


Quiz #2








Week 5


Tues. Feb. 13 PR: Martin, “Critique of Religious Experience” (p. 68-78)

Short Reaction Paper #1



The Nature of the Divine


Thurs. Feb. 15 PR: Aquinas, “God is Omnipotent” (p. 138-140) and Pike, “Divine Omniscience and Voluntary Action” (p. 144-149)






Week 6


Tues. Feb. 20 PR: Boethius, “God is Timeless” (p. 150-152) and The Upaniṣads, “Ātman is Brahman” (p. 160-162)



Traditional Western Arguments for the Existence of God


Thurs. Feb. 22 PR: Anselm, “The Classical Ontological Argument” (p. 169-170) and PR: Gaunilo, “Critique of Anselm’s Argument” (p. 171-173)






Week 7


Tues. Feb. 27  PR: Aquinas, “The Classical Cosmological Argument” (p. 184-186) and PR: Mackie, “Critique of the Cosmological Argument” (p. 205-211)


Thurs. Feb 29 PR:  PR: Aquinas, “The Classical Cosmological Argument” (p. 184-186) and PR: Mackie, “Critique of the Cosmological Argument” (p. 205-211)


Quiz #3





Week 8


Tues March 5 Paley, “The Analogical Teleological Argument” (p. 212-214) and PR: Hume, “Critique of the Analogical Teleological Argument” (p. 215-221)


Graded In-Class Activity #2



An Argument against the Existence of God: The Problem of Evil/Suffering


Thurs. March 7 PR: Hume, “Evil Makes a Strong Case Against God’s Existence” (p. 276-281)






Week 9


Tues. March 12 PR: Hick, “Soul-Making Theodicy” (p. 316-323)



Thurs March 14 PR: Rowe, “The Evidential Argument from Evil” (p. 324-332)

Quiz #4







Week 10


Tues. March 19 D2L: Barbour, “Process Thought” (Read p. 281-287 AND 293-304)


Short Reaction Paper #2



Assignment: Explore a Religious or Spiritual Movement of Your Choice



Thurs. March 21: Class Discussion about Religion/Spirituality








Week 11


Tues April 2   Graded In-Class Activity #3


Faith and Reason


Thurs. April 4 PR: Aquinas, “The Harmony of Reason and Revelation” (p. 92-95) and Pascal, “The Wager” (p. 96-98)





Week 12


Tues. April 9  James “Will to Believe” (p. 104-110)



Religious Diversity


Thurs. April 11 Hick: Religious Pluralism  pg. 597

Quiz #5






Week 13



Tues. April 16 Cantwell Smith "The Meaning and End of Religion"

Short Reaction Paper #3




Thurs. April 18 Kim Daoism Chapter 1








Week 14


Tues. April 23 Kim Daoism Part 2 "Humanity"


Thurs. April 25 Continue Kim Daoism

Quiz #6





Final paper due by 11:59 PM May 2.

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